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Using Accountability to Produce Results

February 28, 2018

Accountability, in the context of this blog, means holding ourselves responsible for our actions …. but this does not always hold up when we give ourselves a task, a goal to reach or a target to attain.


Our own internal accountability can be difficult to measure, especially if we hold unknown limiting beliefs or have uncertainties around our abilities or direction.  We find ourselves questioning whether we can achieve what we have set out to do and doubting whether it is actually possible.  We find that when we judge ourselves being impartial is challenging –we are often too focused on the negative and the failures we have experienced, becoming frustrated with the lack of results.  


Does this ring true and impact you and your ambitions?  If so, how does this leave you feeling?  Demotivated?  Disinterested?  Low enthusiasm?


So, what is the answer to reaching our ambitions and realising our dreams if holding ourselves accountable is so difficult?  How can we achieve if we are unable to find motivation, clarity or recognise the skills we need to be successful?


Accountable –  can also mean “to give an account of your actions to yourself or another person”. 


“… you or another person” – How about another person?


If we had somebody alongside us who understands what our dreams and ambitions look like would that make a difference?


If we had somebody who could help us to establish strong, SMART goals and help give clarity to the path in which to get there, would that help?


If we had somebody asking us to check in and report back – in other words hold us accountable – would this produce results?


Human nature dictates that if we know somebody is going to ask us how we are getting on or question what we have done so far that we are much more driven and motivated to get “it” done.


Having an ‘accountability companion’, or in other words a coach, is important.  Known as external accountability this empowers us to work out what we need to do, enabling us to commit to taking action, to progress and to reach our goals.


Having this support is powerful, although sometimes challenging, and we need to be prepared to hear some difficult truths along with those positive affirmations. 


Take a minute and ask yourself the following questions:


Do you often have a goal that you want to achieve but find that you talk yourself out of it, put it on the back-burner and never get ‘around’ to focusing on it?


Do you procrastinate and feel frustrated, often telling yourself that you will ‘do it’ tomorrow and instead prioritise other life’s demands?


Would you progress towards your goals quicker and more efficiently if you felt you were accountable to somebody and not just yourself?


How would it feel to achieve your goal?


Consider the following definition of accountability:


"A personal choice to rise above one's circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results”


What could you choose to do today to help achieve the results you desire? 


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