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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 steps

December 18, 2017

We all have times of anxiety and worry and if you find yourself needing help follow these 8 tips to help free yourself from anxiety.


1. Breathing - practice your technique.  It is important that you breath deeply through the stomach up into your chest for the count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 7 and release, exhaling slowly for the count of 10.  This is a good way of grounding yourself by taking the focus off your worry and into yourself through your breathing.


2. Exercise - if you can daily. It is well documented that exercise releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.  Just 20 minute a day can help not only your mood but the overall fitness and health of your body.


3. Get enough sleep - when you are particularly stressed your body needs to rest more so it makes sense that anxiety means more rest.  Try to get to bed at the same time each night and 30 minutes before retiring take time to have a warm drink (not caffeine based!), read a book or meditate - relaxing your entire state ready for a restful night.


4. What triggers your anxiety?  Ask yourself this question and analyse where it is coming from.  Is it work, family, particular environments or something else?  Writing a diary when you feel periods of anxiety can help you to find a pattern and once you know the answer to the question, work can be done to start breaking down your internal thoughts and beliefs to overcome the issue.


5. Relax - take time-out of your week to do something for you.  Find an hour to read that book you keep meaning to pick up, take up that yoga class you keep thinking about, learn relaxation techniques such as meditation, or get that date in the diary to meet with friends, shop or go for a meal.  Be kind to yourself.


6. Keep positive - maintaining a positive attitude is key so when a negative thought pops into your mind, turn in around into a more positive one.  Thoughts like "I can't do this it is too difficult" replace with "How can I find a way around this?".  Question your negativity with "Is there evidence that backs up my thought?" or "How can I look at my position more positively?"


7. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet - eating regular healthy meals is important to our physical and mental health. Don't skip meals, have on hand energy boosting bars and drink your daily water quota of 2 litres where possible.


8. And last but not least.... just do your best.  You don't have to always reach for perfection.  Be yourself, be happy and believe in yourself.  You can succeed and overcome your anxieties.





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